Ghana Eagles chops the Vulture’s of Botwana in Africa cup elimination match

Ghana Rugby Men’s 15s “Eagles this afternoon defeat the Botswana Vultures in Rugby Africa Elimination Match “Birds of Prey” 36-25 which the Eagles won with 9 points at Nduom sports Stadium.

The Eagles start the game very well and at a point, the Vultures came in strongly to take total control of the 1st half. The first half ended Ghana Eagles 12-17 Botswana Vultures. Which the Vultures were leading the Eagles with 5 points.

The Eagles after the break came strongly to win the game with by 36-17.

The Eagles will be away to Zimbabwe on 20th June 2020. And play Tunisia at Nduom sports Stadium here in Elmina Ghana on 4th July, 2020.