Oya commends Okyehene for strengthening decipline in Okyeman

The Okyeman Youth Association has been following with keen interest recent unfolding issues concerning the destoolment of the Chief of Hemang Osabarima Prof. Mirikisi Apori Atta and the position taken by some youth and elements within the Hemang Township of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Kingdom.

OYA humbly call on the youth of Hemang and any other youth groupings within the traditional area meddling in the substantive matters at stake to desist from it and to allow customs and traditions to take their course as far as these matters are concern.

OYA however is displeased with the uncustomary conduct of Prof. Apori, the former chief of Hemang for not responding to the call of His Majesty the Okyenhene and the leadership of the Ofori Panin Fie to resolve whatever matter that was at stake thereby resulting in his destoolment. The former chief ought to have known better and the words of his oath of office required him to revere the occupant of the great Ofori Panin Stool with all humility and submission. OYA therefore condemns this act of impunity and disrespect on the part of Prof. Apori Atta and hope that this demonstration of unguided impudence is never repeated in the Kingdom.

OYA again, is of the firm belief that the leadership and institutions of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council is more than capable of resolving matters of such nature and therefore call upon Prof. Apori to firstly show remorse and apologize unreservedly to His Majesty the Okyenhene, the Okyehemaa, the Okyeman State Council and the entire Akyem Abuakwa Kingdom for this regrettable showcase of effrontery. This is indeed necessary if a healing process is to commence for the good of all parties involved and the Kingdom at large.

The group furthermore, will like to congratulate His Majesty the Okyenhene for this bold, decisive and laudable approach towards strengthening and maintaining discipline and respect for customs and traditions within the Kingdom. This is indeed a clarion call on all and sundry within the Kingdom that our customs and traditions are supreme and hence there is the urgent need to respect, uphold and abide by them. It is our prayer that the Almighty God will continue to grant him the wisdom and will power needed to play his Overlord role and in bringing progress and development to Okyeman and Ghana in general.

Long live the Okyenhene
Long live Okyeman
Long live Ghana

Archibald Ntiri-Acquah Gyasi
Chairman-OYA (0244047018)

Daniel Acquah Obeng
Secretary-OYA (0549855599)

Samuel Kwabena Abuakwa Frimpong
PRO-OYA (0248295426)

Nana Apau Bright
Dep. PRO-OYA (0249618690)

Kwaku Tinyase Yeboah
Research and Advocacy-OYA (0554970065)

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