17 year old boy imprisoned for stealing cashew nuts rescued by Give Me Hope Foundation

Give Me Hope Charity Foundation, a non-profit organisation (NGO), has successfully sought justice for a 17 years boy sentenced to 2 years in prison by a court after his family failed to pay a fine of GHC 3000.

The young boy was accused of stealing cashew nuts which were meant to be planted. He pleaded guilty and begged the court that the act was not intentional. His mother had been sick for three days and he had no money for her medications. So, he was forced to take the cashew nuts which he sold at Ghs 300 to save his mother from dying.

According to Wisdom Dordoe, Founder of Give Me Hope Foundation, the foundation was informed of the story and has paid the fine and managed to secure the boy’s release from prison without his knowledge and that of the inmates and his family. He got to know about his much-prayed-for freedom on the day of his release. He could not control his tears for such a kind gesture shown him.

His release was fully funded by Leticia Osei, a UK based Ghanaian donor of Give Me Hope Foundation. The foundation has so far released 180 prisoners and integrated majority into the society.

The action by the foundation will help build a bright future for this boy. The foundation has integration plans for him to make his dream a reality.

The Foundation is currently working hard on taking 500 children in the slums back to school using the foundation scholarships. In the midst of this pandemic, many children will not get the chance to go back to school and it is the duty of the NGO to make sure no child is left behind.

“We wish to express our utmost gratitude to everybody who in various ways helped the foundation to make this great change happen and impact in societies a reality; it’s a treasure we hold dearly. We therefore call on individuals, corporate entities and philanthropists to come on board and let’s make this change together.“ Mr. Dordoe added.

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