COA calls on Government,WHO to join hand’s to ascertain their effectiveness against Coronavirus

To fight against Coronavirus across the globe, Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission called on government, World Health Organization (WHO) to Join hands with the COA, University of Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research to conduct research on the COA products to Ascertain their effectiveness against Coronavirus clinically.

They therefore believed and hope that there will be positive results from the trials. And when that happens, both party’s can adopt the formular and the products as the antidote to Coronavirus.

Speaking at a press conference today at British Council in Accra, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of COA disclosed that they sent some of the COA products to China about two weeks ago to try on Coronavirus patients. However, the result indicated that, there has been a significant improvement in the condition of some infected patients who were given COA products.

Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, made known that even though it is good news but to him it is not scientific hence not conclusive.

He stressed that the human body is designed to heal itself if only can allow it to do so. However, he said the Coronavirus is not an exception to this. Augmenting the immune system is key to the elimination of this virus.

The Center for Awareness Global Peace Mission has for the past (15) years developed and organic antiviral medicine that has three dimensional effects to combat video spectrum of viral infections and has qualified for clinical trials in Ghana.

The research which started in 2005 has cost the Center of Awareness over Twenty million US dollars without support from any donor agency or any government.

The three (3) dimensional effects of COA hebal medicine which include, Oral Administration, Intramuscular Administration and Intravenous Administration.

These three ways of administration can eliminate viruses from the human body initiating cure. The COA believe that it could be the solution to Coronavirus infections.

Prof. Ato Duncan, Address pointed that on 31st December, 2019, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, reported a cluster of 27 pneumonia cases of unknown origin, including seven severe, with a common reported link to Wuhan’s Huanan seafood wholesale market ( a wholesale fish and live animal market selling different animal species).

He said on 1st January , 2020 . According to the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, samples from the market tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

COA FS is brewed and distilled at high temperature, hence its unique colourless feature. The also supports the immune system which has not been compromised to resist attack from foreign and damaging organisms like viruses bacteria and parasites.

Story by Bernard K Dadzie

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