Ablekuma North Youth Expose ‘Incompetent’ MCE

…Say; He Must Not Be Re-Appointed

Concerned Youth of Ablekuma North Municipality/Constituency have risen up against their MCE, Hon. Kofi Ofori Bella, who they claimed has exhibit gross incompetence and disrespect to the elders, the party and the youth of the constituency and hence must not be re-appointed.

According to them, the MCE has taken them for a ride and currently riding on the novelty and goodness of the Member of Parliament, Hon. Sheila Bartels.

In a Petition to the President and leadership of the NPP, the Group said, Kofi Ofori’s disregard of the hardworking Constituency Executives and Electoral Area Coordinators is legendary, thereby sending a bad signal to the party grassroots.

Although they averred that Ablekuma North was excited when the President nominated Mr. Kofi Ofori as the first Municipal Chief Executive after its creation from a Sub-Metro under Accra Metropolitan Assembly, things have rather turned for the worse for the Municipality.

They noted that NPP here in Ablekuma North was much better of as a Sub Metro than a standalone Municipality where the MCE wields so much power to destroy the fortunes of the party in the constituency.

“His awkward and suspecting activities towards party structures within the constituency/municipality negatively impacted the fortunes of the party thereby decline in votes in the 2020 general elections compared to the 2016 elections,” they stated.

They maintained that results from the last elections would have been more favourable to the NPP had the MCE contributed his quota in executing the government’s agenda within the municipality, saying that, “It was evidently clear he had nothing good to offer the NPP but for his selfish gains and enriching himself.”

They also claimed the MCE has been associating himself with NDC’s Hon. Kofi Ofori and preferred resourcing the NDC, especially, their Regional Youth Organizer, Thomas Mustapha Ashong who doubles as an assembly member and a shadow Presiding Member at the Municipal Assembly.

According to the Concerned Youth, Hon. Kofi Ofori is on record to have financially supported the NDC in the 2019 limited registration exercise as against the NPP and has constantly keeps resourcing the Regional Youth Organizer of the NDC, by giving him jobs/contracts.

“With regards to the desilting contract given to the NDCs Regional Youth Organizer, he relaxed on the job at Darkuman ostensibly with the intention of worsening the plight of the residents and users of that stretch which led to apathy and decline in votes. It was indeed disappointing when the First lady, Her Excellency, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo visited Ablekuma North during the electioneering campaign.”

They revealed that there are some five (5) companies including Zatomwando Ent, Jamsplan Comp. Ltd, Kabalska Ent, Al-Zayaad Ent and Tomqeen Ent. Which Thomas Mustapha Ashong uses to execute projects within the municipality?

The Group also stated that the Assembly since its establishment has not initiated the establishment of a zonal council office which they believe is a basic requirement as a municipality, and that there has also not been a single meeting for the Unit Committee members in the last 3 years.

“The center of course, cannot hold with the continuous leadership of Hon. Kofi Ofori Bella as the MCE. We need a more proactive, competent and a true patriot to drive the agenda and vision of the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo in Ablekuma North and not a self-centred, vindictive and incompetent personality.”

The Concerned Youth of the Constituency also called on the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to consider appointing a more credible, dedicated and selfless patriot to manage the affairs of the municipality, whilst urging the party leadership to as a matter of interest, help replace their current MCE who has nothing good to offer Ablekuma North.

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