Accounts of defunct Royal Bank managers frozen

Former Head of E-Banking at the now-defunct Capital Bank, Raymond Addai-Danquah, has disclosed that the accounts of managers of another defunct local bank, Royal Bank, have been frozen.

He noted that the collapse of five local banks which were fused to form the Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited, has caused a lot of hardship to former staff of these financial institutions.

The banks are: Beige Bank, Sovereign Bank, The Royal Bank, uniBank and The Construction Bank.

Speaking on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Class91.3FM on Monday, 13 August 2018, Mr Addai-Danquah, who says he now sells pork for a living, advised his colleagues, who have lost their jobs, to look for an alternative means of livelihood.

He told sit-in host Benjamin Akakpo that: “You can complain but while complaining, do something to save your family from distress”.

Mr Addai-Danquah continued: “Let me give you a news lead, as we speak now, managers of Royal Bank, their accounts have been frozen. I spoke to one of the managers yesterday, he actually called me and once a while I get calls from one of these colleagues…

“So, for me what I’ll tell my other colleagues is that the hardship is real and trust me, we have about 800 people sitting at home, so, in the meantime, think of what you can do, if you have a passion, develop it into business.”


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