Accra Reg. Police On Man Hunt For Top Kings MD. Ben Kwame Danso

…And Three Notorious Land Guards Over Attacks, Gunshots, Burning Of Trassacco Workers’ Cars & Properties

The Greater Accra Regional Police Command has launched a man hunt for the Managing Director (MD) for Top Kings Limited and upcoming NDC Krowor Constituency Chairman hopeful, Dr. Benjamin Kwame Danso over recent attacks on workers of Empire Builders limited (Trasacco).

Dr. Benjamin Kwame Danso who has been declared wanted by the police, was said to have sanctioned an attack amidst gunshots, burning of Trasacco workers’ vehicles, properties and destruction of motorbikes on Tuesday 13th of September, 2022.

It emerged that the Land guards were believed to be acting on the orders of Dr Benjamin Danso, trooped in their numbers amidst the action by the Regional Police Counter Terrorism Unit Operations team and attacked the workers of the Empire Builders limited in the act of construction.

When the police got to the scene, officers immediately ordered workers of the Empire Builders to halt their construction and invited their leaders to join them to the office of the Regional Police Commander upon instructions, which they complied.

But just after the police were moving out of the site, the land guards from the Top Kings Enterprise led by Captain Alhaji Abu attacked, the workers and security of the Empire Builders limited and destroyed their properties.

They further advanced and moved to the warehouse of the Empire Builders limited attacked and vandalised vehicles by breaking their windscreens and glasses.

They also set on fire and burnt beyond repairs workers’ buses, a Mercedes Benz sprinter van which was used to convey the construction workers to the site.

Top Kings land guards also fired gun shots and wounded the excavator driver for Empire Builders limited just after the Police had left the scene.

Sources closed to Empire Builders limited stated categorically that on Monday Dr. Ben Kwame Danso came personally with his own personally identified described security guards in the company of Captain Alhaji Abu, (leader) Tinney and Commander to the Nungua land phase 3 site where Empire Builders limited were working and with the police confronted them. But they left threats and caution.  Then the following day being the Tuesday the same Acclaimed security guards and personnel of Top Kings Enterprise led by Captain Alhaji Abu arrived at the same site, but this time with the Accra Regional Police Counter Terrorism Unit Operations team. A clear indication that Dr. Ben Kwame Danso MD Top Kings Enterprise was behind the scenes just as he had come in person and personally confronted the Officials of Empire Builders limited to stop the work on the same land, he is laying claim.

All these attacks, according to complaints lodged at the police, were carried out by the same people who had come to the land with Dr. Ben Kwame Danso MD Top Kings Enterprise just less than 24 hours with the police to confront them but now turned land guards to please their paymaster Benjamin Kwame Danso, Managing Director of Top Kings Enterprise who did not come with them.

Lodging the complaint at the Greater Accra Regional Police Command, by petition earlier on being the 19th, August, 2022 the Complainant Abdullah Fattah and Samuel Baah narrated that they were attacked and brutalised by the said land guards of Top Kings upon the orders of the Managing Director, Benjamin Kwame Danso previously and were arranging to effect arrest of these same suspect who attacked him, punched his head with a pistol and burnt his motorcycle around the area near Manet.

They said, the land guards used a pistol to smash their heads and inflicted wounds with blood on them.

The motorcycle on which they were riding was also set ablaze and the two Complainant, Abdullah Fattah and Samuel Baah had to run across the Accra Tema Motorway for their lives leaving the land guards to burn the motorcycle.

Attempt by the two Abdullah Fattah and Samuel Baah to Lodge a complaint at the Manet Estate Police Post proved futile as the scanty staff strength of the Police Post could not withstand the attacks, hence the decision of the Complainant Abdullah Fattah and Samuel Baah to Lodge a formal Complaint by a written petition to the Accra Regional Police Commander.

The Greater Accra Regional Police Commander has since launched investigations into all the incidents which happened from 17th, 24th, of August,2022, and that of the 13th of September,2022 which involves Dr. Ben Kwame Danso MD Top Kings Enterprise and Empire Builders limited (Trassacco).

However, all attempts by the Accra Regional Police to invite Dr. Ben Kwame Danso for questioning and interrogation has proved futile as several calls placed through to him were unanswered just after the Tuesday 13th September, 2022 incident took place. It could be recalled that Dr. Ben Kwame Danso MD Top Kings Enterprise had been frequent and a regular visitor at the Accra Regional Police Command on daily basis when he lodged a complaint Against Abdullah Fattah and Samuel Baah as land guards planning a terrorist activity against his facility and alleged that a registered pump Action gun which was to be used for that act on the 24th August, 2022, was found on one of the security details of Trassacco within the premises being used for guard duties on the 1st of August 2022.

But was rather turned against Abdullah Fattah a Petitioner to the Accra Regional Police Commander on the 19th of August, 2022 and rather arranged and put before court by Detective inspector Aminu Zackari also known as CID Bambamgida.

When this paper also contacted him, he said he was ill and for that matter could not speak on the issues.

A further investigation interview through a personal what’s up chart to Dr. Ben Kwame Danso from the managing Editor to Adansei Newspaper to even engage his lawyers, all proved futile. A text message to him read as “Please kindly be informed that we as ADANSEI NEWSPAPER would like to immediately take your word as responds by Saturday evening. Counting on your cooperation for a fare reportage for public Judgement as we stand neutral to all these complaints. Thank you.”

But, after all these efforts to reach out to Dr. Ben Kwame Danso MD Top Kings Enterprise.

He did not respond to any of our calls.

Till now, no one knows the whereabouts of Dr. Ben Kwame Danso MD for Top Kings Enterprise as the Regional Police awaits his presence over the criminal act perpetuated just after the police left the scene of the crime.

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