Ada West: DISEC Warns ‘Self-Styled’ Chief Against Trouble Making As A Legitimate Chief Has Been Determined 

The Ada West District Security Committee (DISEC) has instructed Hakpo Adibuertey Puplampu, a resident and ‘troublemaker’ who hitherto has been calling himself chief of Hwakpo to desist from his dubious activities in the area since a legitimate chief, Nene Agbasi Dzikunu Ackwerh III has currently been confirmed by the Ada Traditional Council including the law courts, or face the wrath of the District Security Committee in its quest to finding lasting peace at Hwakpo, a surbeb of Ada.

The alleged self-styled chief who has over the years disturbed the peace of the area at a DISEC meeting to end one of the major fracases in Ada charged the ‘trouble maker’ to respect the ruling of the Ada Traditional Council that he is not the legitimate chief of the area.

Besides, the DISEC cautioned him to respect judgements against him by the law courts if he wants the peace and development of Hwakpo.

The Ada West DISEC, chaired by Sampson Kpankpa, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area, however, advised Hakpo Puplampu to appeal against all the judgements against him at the law courts and Regional House of Chiefs if he deems it necessary at all.

“You lost all the cases against your opponent, the Ackwerhs, at the court and the Ada Traditional Council. DISEC can only advise you to go back to the court for an appeal. Until then, you don’t have to disrespect the rulings against you,” Sampson Kpankpa, the DCE, cautioned Hakpo Puplampu.

The caution by the DISEC was to call Hakpo Adibuertey Puplampu and his thugs to order to allow the chief of Hwakpo, Nene Dzikunu Ackwerh III to carry out his developmental plans for the area.

The DCE was clear that his darting to Hwakpo last Monday, 26th December 2022, on information by Hakpo Puplampu that Nene Ackwerh III had led some youth of the community to destroy tombs at the area’s graveyard was false.

“When I arrived at the scene, I saw two cemeteries—one on my left and another on my right—and a pay-loader was clearing the median. I did not see any tomb destroyed as I was earlier informed on the telephone.

“But I was compelled to stop the pay-loader because of the red armbands the opponents had donned. Luckily, the police were at the scene to maintain peace,” the DCE reported to DISEC at Sege.

The DCE noted that he quickly called an emergency meeting on December 28, 2022 but Hakpo Adibuertey who reported the falsehood failed to attend the meeting. The meeting was thus rescheduled on 5th January 2022.

The DCE continued that per the ruling of the Ada Traditional Council, Nene Ackwerh III has the right to carry out developments in the area, however, he educated Nene Ackwerh III to apply for permits from the West Ada Assembly anytime he wanted to embark on such developments.

The application for permits included the chief’s plan of redeveloping the Hwakpo cemetery where burial is almost encroaching on the main Hwakpo link road.

It would be recalled that Nene Ackwerh III years after waiting for the courts including the Ada Traditional Council to determine his legitimacy has since begun with a developmental agenda of the Hwakpo community which has been lagging behind due to the selfish ambitions of a self-styled chief who is only interested in the sales of the area’s lands.

However, the new development is being hampered by the trouble maker who attempted to involve the DCE who through a quick check has found the truth of the matter.

The chief, Nene Ackwerh III has since asked his subjects to remain calm and focus on the development agenda of the area. He has also called on investors to consider the potentials of the area and come with their investments into the area which has the potential to make their investments profitable.

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