Africa Must Rise & Build To End Modern-Day Slavery – Apostle Amoako Atta

The Founder of The Lord’s Parliament Chapel International (Former Freedom Chapel International), Apostle Francis Amoako Atta has indicated that the challenge that African countries including Ghana are facing as regards the slave trade in Libya can only be surmounted if these nations rise up and build their respective countries and make it more attractive for their citizens.

According to him, although people are aware of the barbaric killings and inhuman treatments being meted out to their fellow Africans in Libya, drones of people keep migrating to Libya for greener pastures which they cannot find in their countries.

He said: “Why is it that upon all that we are hearing and seeing, people still travel to Libya. It is because probably the conditions here is not good for them, the jobs are not here and it makes it difficult for a University graduate to afford a square meal a day. So what do you expect them to do?”

Apostle Amoako Attain an exclusive interview with this journalist also intimated that the time has come for African leaders to stand up and condemn Libya over this shameful modern day slavery and bring them to justice.

According to him, Africa at this time needs determined leaders that can help build their country, establish industries and create jobs for the teeming youth so as to break the chain of migration and by extension the slave trade in Libya.

“When people find comfort wherever they are, they would not think of moving because they are better at where they are. Our leaders must take the current situation in Libya as a test case for them to stand up and build their nation,” he said.

He however lauded the Ghanaian government and its leaders for introducing One-District-One-Factory program which will help create jobs and help sustain livelihoods.

But, he averred that the Akufo-Addo government must be committed to its policy directions so as to achieve better results for the entire nation.

“If the 1D1F is sustained and government ensures that it works perfectly, I don’t think anyone will go to Libya after hearing and seeing what is happening out there. Look all our people want is jobs, money. Government must open companies, build factories so that everybody will at least be comfortable in his or her own comer,” he said.

The Apostle who ever stayed and worked in Libya from 1985 to 1988 also explained that we talk about the slavery in Libya without talking about the cause of slavery in modern day society.

He mentioned that what we are witnessing today was the result of the decision our forefathers took to sell us to the whites.

“The most potent tool in the hand of the oppressor is the mindset of the oppressed. Libyans always see us as slaves. They refer to anybody with a black skin as slave and that is why they continue to treat us as such,” Apostle indicated.

He said: “This unfortunate incidence of modern day slavery can be attributed to the mistake of our leaders 10 to 20 years ago if they had tackled key macroeconomic challenges including unemployment and poverty that is crippling most societies and the economy at large.But we fail to ask the question, what really contributes to immigration. Migrants leave their country to elsewhere partly because they feel insatiable in their home country.”

He also said unemployment has being the major factor causing these migrants to flee from their land of comfortability to a place they have no idea about.

He however stressed that in as much as our leaders didn’t play their part in solving key macroeconomic issues is the underlining factor to what we are witnessing in Libya and elsewhere today, the situation will persist.


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