Africans Must Be Productive, Fruitful – Apostle Francis Amoako Attah

Founder and General Overseer of Parliament Chapel International (PCI), Apostle Francis Amoako Attah has urged African countries especially Ghana, to retuned their minds towards productivity and be fruitful so as to reduce dependence on the West.

He expressed great dissatisfaction in Ghana and its leaders and people for failing in 66 years to add value to the raw materials that God has given them thereby remaining poor.

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah was speaking on Atinka TV’s Agenda Program, where he noted that the first Command God gave man was for him to go and be “Fruitful” and the moment man failed to listen and go by this command, he will remain poor.

According to him, as Ghana celebrates 66 years, it behooves on leaders and citizens to channel their energies into productivity.

“We continue to fall on the West for support and bailouts because we are not being fruitful, as long as we are absent in productivity we keep becoming poor,” he said.

“The day we will start producing, that is the day we shall prosper.”

He also explained that in the beginning, God created everything a man needs to survive but man needed to apply wisdom to be able to make things out of the resources given.

“The mindset is to be productive and be fruitful. The worse thing that happens to the Black man is failure to be fruitful. We are not being fruitful, as long as we are absent in productivity we can’t grow,” he said.

He said: “God never gave Adam a table, he hides him under the tree (table). As long as you sit under the tree and fail to cut it for tables, and chairs you are sitting on stones.”

“God gave Adam a tree not a table. Trees represent doors, chairs, and beds. Be fruitful and don’t be a burden to society; engage your mind to be productive…Jesus said occupy (engage) till I come.”

He makes references to countries like Asia, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia for progressing far ahead of Ghana.

He said most of these countries emerged from wars but are fast developing with some already developed because they became productive and fruitful.

“Fruitfulness in Africa has vanished. 66 years Ghana, we don’t produce anything tangible. God never gave man any shoes; He hides every shoe in the cow. Whenever you see a cow you see bags, shoes, slippers.”

He said God also didn’t give man a house but he place man in a garden (a place of order), but He hides them in the concrete and the sand and that it was left with man to mix the sand and concrete to build.

“This does not need prayers or angels to do for you,” he said.

“God never gave man a car in the garden He hides everything in the mountains.”

He averred that the future of Africa is in Africa and not in America or Europe, stressing that poverty is the lack of creativity and not the lack of resources as many people believe.

“My continent is not poor because we don’t have resources. We are poor because we don’t create. How can Zimbabwe be poor now? Once upon a time, it was the full basket in the hands of the whites.”

“First command is creativity. Should man take this seriously, we would have gone far. God did not create man to worship him, he created man to be fruitful and productive.” he said.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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