Africa’s Political Leaders Lack Ideas – Rev. Bentil

Rev. Frederick Ato Bentil

The state of under development of Ghana in particular and Africa as a whole has been attributed to lack of ideas by political leaders of the Continent to utilize the abundance of resources in their various countries effectively for the development of their people.

Rev. Frederick Ato Bentil of the Voice of the Lord Evangelical Mission Church who made the attribution in an interview with wondered why Africa, with its array of natural resources continue to wallop in abject poverty, as compared to the Western world that do not have even a tenth of such resources.

According to him, one of the largest continent in the world with not even a quarter of the population of Asia, there is no justification for the Continent’s state of poverty, and blamed the situation on the inability by political leaders to think for themselves, and rather rely on the Western world to dictate their destiny to them.

Citing the recent proposal by some to tax Churches, Rev. Ato Bentil described the move as a lazy avenue of stuffing the pockets purse.

He noted that instead of that, the Government should rather refine the various natural resources endowed the country to useful end products, rather than exporting them to the Western world to be refined and re-imported into the country to be sold at high prices to the same people whose land those minerals were taken from.

He however commended Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was voted as the Man of the Millenium for living about fifty years ahead of his contemporaries both in Africa and the rest of the world for his immense contribution to the development and welfare of the African and the continent, economically and socially by emancipating them from colonization by the Western world.  

The emotional Rev. Bentil stated that democracy is doing more harm than good to Africa, proposing that Africans need some form of autocratic rule such as the era of the rule by Kings and Queens under colonies.

He pointed out that that is the only way the people of the Continent could redeem themselves from Western imperialism.                                               

By. Robert Ayanful


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