Aggrico Solar To Help Irrigation Farmers Cut Down COST, Boost Profit Margin.

Aggrico Solar is partnering with the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP) to pilot a test on the use of solar powered irrigation systems on some selected vegetable farms across the country.

Project Coordinator of Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP), Mr Charles Nornoo said he is happy to be collaborating with Aggrico Solar who intend to bring this good initiative out for the farmers to try before they purchase.

Aggrico Solar at a ceremony held at the offices of GCAP donated the items to two selected farmers.

The project will be undertaken at Kukobila Nasia farms in the Northern sector and Anyako Farms in the Southern sector.

Project manager for Aggrico Solar, Amol Parker, stated that, the solar water pumps have zero running costs and are not dependent on an often-unreliable electrical grid.

According to him the pilot will be done within one full crop cycle.

He added that the pumps can last up to five years and can be used to water about one acre of land within four days.

Hisham Seidu, a beneficiary of this project from the Kukobila Nasia farm told ‘The Finder’ news paper it’s a good initiative and hopes the use of solar will be able to save cost.

According to him, his farm uses the drip irrigation system which is powered by electricity but with the introduction of solar, he hopes to cut down cost on electricity.

The project which would be monitored by GCAP is to ensure businesses make profit after 12 months, as well as demonstrate that using solar saves costs.

The items donated were, Grade A 265-watt solar panel, 300 meters of durable sprinkle tape and 24 volt/200 watt DC impeller pump.

The solar water system is designed to work reliably in the harshest environments, including rivers and sandy waters, with minimal maintenance and no damage to ecosystem.

Each kits contains everything a farmer needs to irrigate 1,000 square meters (1/4 acre) of land straight out of the box.

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