-Ahafo Chiefs to Government

The chiefs and people of Ahafo communities in the Brong Ahafo, have said, the communities under Ahafo are endowed with chunk of natural and human resource to manage their own region.

‘’If Ahafo region is created from Brong Ahafo, it will reduce the heavy responsibility of the regional minister and the chief executives including the works of the regional directors, “According to them.

The proposal by government to carve a new region from Brong Ahafo is in good direction and it is a way to accelerate development and  also address the challenges of poverty which has become a national albatross.

Speaking to the press during a meeting by the chiefs of Ahafo communities made up of over 12 paramount and several divisional chiefs, the chairman of the communication committee of the Ahafo chiefs, Agyewodin (Professor) Adu Gyamfi Ampem, the paramount chief of Acherensua Traditional area said,Ahafo communities which have almost the resources in it possession is deprived because all the major developments are seen in different places which supposed not to be so.

“We were happy when the members of the council of state approved the process to create new region and presented to the president when the report of the findings and other related issues surrounding the new regions to be created were ready by the sector minister. “ When the new region are created, It will facilitate rapid accelerate growth and if it  is being considered by the president on time, Ghana will become a model state than some countries in Africa.”

The paramount chief of Acherensua recounted the success some countries which abide by responsible policies have rapidly developed in terms of management of their endowed resource both human and natural and if Ghana is to follow suit, then the sky is the limited.
Government, Agyewodin Adu Gyamfi Ampem, explained is responsible for development of his people and every government that  listens always succeed with it policy implementation to effect effective growth on its people.

The former chairman of Ghana education board, water commission board and also chairman of the Kwame Nkrumah University council lauded the government especially, the minister of regional reorganization and development, Mr.Dan Kwaku Botwe for his commitments to his duties.

According to him, it is believed that people will underestimate and tagged the process to be political motivation which is wrong should anyone think that. Because every country want to develop rapidly develop through strong policies that are likely to impact growth and sustainability and what the president and his team are doing is good direction, especially with the creation of the new four regions.

He said, if the government is able to create these four regions which includes the Ahafo region, the new region will have its’ own regional coordinating council as an agent to foster regional activities and address the challenges in the area of job creation and infrastructure development.

The meeting was attended by various chiefs including Goasomanhene, DCE’s and various political heads.

Story by Martin Osei Tutu

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