Airtel Money Organises Fraud Awareness Training For Ghana Police Service CID

The Airtel team with the police service

In order to protect their customers from potential fraudulent activities on their mobile money accounts, Airtel Money, the award winning and innovative Mobile commerce service from Airtel Ghana, launched a month long outreach to sensitize the Ghana Police Service, Criminal Investigation Department, Customers, Agents, Merchants and Staff on Mobile Money fraud – how to spot and report it.

The training session which was held on 19th October, 2017 for the Ghana Police Service, concluded the month long sensitization campaign for stakeholders. The session was to educate and empower these stakeholders to prevent/reduce the incidence of fraud and to demonstrate Airtel’s commitment to ensuring that customers’ funds are safe and secured on Airtel Money.  During the session, the Airtel Money team raised awareness on Mobile Money fraud and empowered stakeholders with the knowledge to spot and report any fraud related incidence. Emphasis was placed on the onboarding process of customers and agents as well as current mobile money fraud typologies and scenarios and controls that stakeholders need to institute to prevent these situations.

Samuel Eduam, Senior Manager, Compliance of Airtel Ghana, said, ”Customers, Agents and Merchants are advised to always check and know their balances after every transaction and change their PIN immediately they suspect a compromise. Customers, agents and merchants can also send fraud incidents to the short code 480 or send an email to for immediate attention”.

Rosy Fynn, Marketing Director, Airtel Ghana added, “All employees who work on Airtel Money prior to their appointment undergo a background check including Police clearance. We urge customers not to share their pin code with anyone or write it on a piece of paper. We are aware of the tricks fraudsters use to steal from innocent customers, and this is why we have improved our fraud prevention capabilities to protect our customers from existing and emerging tactics by fraudsters.”

Airtel Ghana remains committed to protecting its customers against Mobile Money fraud.

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