Akyem Kotoku Chief Cautions Distractors ~ Says Palace Will Be Built At All Cost.

Chief of Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area Oseadiayo Dr Frimpong Manso ll has opened up on a few issues that have remained the reasons development and growth of the area have been retarded.

According to the traditional ruler, these issues are the reason a royal palace has not been built in the area till today.

Speaking to the media the Chief of Akyem Kotoku stated that since his installation as Chief of the Kotoku Traditional Area, attempts to develop the area has attracted countless adversaries and counter actions leading to the stagnant and unprogressive state of the town.

“For the past twenty two (22) years that I have been on the stool as chief of Akyem Kotoku, my efforts to bring development to the people always attracts contenders who find it wrong and enjoy distracting any project we try to bring up. Our problem is rivalry and we live in a space of feuding factions so once someone is not in your faction, they quickly counter anything you bring up” he said.

In making his submission, Oseadiayo Dr. Frimpong Manso II said projects have been on hold for a while due to issues in the area adding that the necessary document needed to start these projects have been secured and will be put to use accordingly.

He disclosed that it takes a lot of measures to build an ultra modern palace adding that it is right that things have fallen in place now and funds are now available to carry out the project of the palace.

He said he has ensured that all funds paid into the coffers of the area are intact and have not embezzled.

He said that there have been efforts by some who claim to have powers from a Eastern Regional Minister to prevent the demolishing of the old palace to make way to the commencement of a new one.

He however said that no one has authority in making decisions for the people of Kotoku.

He cautioned the queen mother of the area Nana Akua Asantewaa III to desist from being an obstruction to the project.

“75 acres of land which was allocated for the construction of the palace, the Queen of area Nana Akua Asantewaa III has started selling the land. We are advicing her to desist from carrying out the illegal sale of the lands and show some respect to the council and her office as a queen mother”, the traditional ruler added.

He further added that Kotoku is speckled with natural resources like gold than any other state but due to chieftaincy feuds these resources cannot be extracted to develop the area so that the youth will find work to do and become responsible citizens.


Report by Samuel Quao

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