As the dust is yet to settle over the supposed purchase of Sputnik V vaccines by Ghana at a higher cost and through middlemen, the Minister of Health is caught in another scandal.

Information reaching this paper has it that, the Minister of Health, Kweku Agyemang Manu under whose watch the seeming blunder in the purchase of the Sputnik V vaccines from the Russian Investment Fund (RIF) through some businessmen, has instructed them not to supply to any other party supplying to Ghana.
It beats our imagination why the minster who signed a contract with the office of HH will then give conflicting instructions which in the end will cost Ghana and Ghanaians their lives, all because he wants to nominate a special Company to the Russians to supply through so he can make millions.
This has been considered “shameful and unacceptable.”
Sources say, “If the minister has managed to a platform with RIDF directly as government, It should be on a Government to Government basis and there should be no other parties involved. So it is so clear he is introducing another company in the mix to be able to make a margin on the supply of Sputnik V.”
Meanwhile, it has emerged that the Minister of Health, Kweku Agyemang Manu who has decided to make billions from the COVID-19 situation now that the issue of the purchase and supply of vaccines are becoming so viable, has decided to recommend a special company, GTI Limited, in Ghana to RIF as ‘middle-man’ in all these transactions.
Ghana is expecting the next batch of the Sputnik V Vaccine which is schedule to arrive shortly in Ghana.
This, according to sources has made the Minister of Health more enthused into ensuring that he manages to court suppliers of the Sputnik V vaccines so as to make so much income that maybe accrued as commission on the supplies.
Information is that, the suppliers are yet to enter a formal purchase and supply agreement with the said company, GTI, the Minister has recommended to that effect, after he engaged them via an online conference.
Meanwhile the question leadership of the said company are asking before entering into that business venture is whether the Minister’s position would not constitute conflict of interest.
The Minister, according to sources is doing all he could to convince suppliers that GTI is the best for the transactions.
Recently, Ghana has been accused of purchasing Sputnik V vaccines at $19 per dose when indeed the market value is $10 because of the involvement of some middlemen.


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