Alpha Lotto Limited is not fraudulent or illegal Organization — Management assure Ghanaians.

The management of Alpha lotto limited has stated in categorically that Alpha lotto limited is not part of fraudulent or Illegal lottery operators in the country.

According to the management, Alpha lotto limited is licensed by the NLA to operate VAG 5/90 fixed ODDS GAMES , and does not operate the short code “959”, intended for NLA’s 5/90 games. ” Alpha Lotto Limited does not operate NLA’s 5/90 games under Act 722 (2006). Operate its own games under Act 844 (2012) . Alpha Lotto limited operate on its independent platform and market through short code *896#” they said.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Alpha Lotto Limited, on February 17th 2021, Dr. Ato Conduah, responded to NLA press statement issued by the Public Relations Unit 0n 13th February 2021, to the effect that ” the only operational and functional official short code of the NLA is “959” . Any other platform operating digital is fraudulent and illegal “.

Dr. Conduah, indicated that Alpha lotto limited’s operation is fully compliant with NLA ‘s registration and licensing conditions under NLA license certificate QR Code–NLA all 1 20 (signed by Director General of NLA dated 1st July 2020), under VAG Act , 844(2012)

The management therefore wishes to state that , under the terms of registration and licensing of private sector operators for VAG lottery operations, which licensed operators are required to market their lottery products using digital devices as NLA has banned the physical, writing of lottery from a booklets or paper , in order for NLA to electronically monitor VAG lottery licenses’s operations.

Dr. A to Conduah, furthered that Alpha lotto limited received its license following two month NLA Board sanctioned negotiations led by the Director General between NLA and the Ghana Lotto operators Association (GLOA) in October 2019, to restore the licenses of private sector operators, who previously held VAG lottery licenses before the take over of the VAG’s lottery operations by NLA.

The management of Alpha lotto limited has assured Ghanaian lotto public that its operations are illegally sanctioned by the NLA under VAG Act, Act 844 (2012), and there is nothing fraudulent or illegal about its operations.

“The allegation made against Alpha lotto by the NLA’S public Affairs unit is regrettable, and thereby misconceived, malicious and uninformed”, they stressed.

Report by Bernard K DADZIE

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