Ameri deal: Kwabena Donkor is innocent – Martin Amidu.

Former Attorney General Martin Amidu has chastised the Minority in Parliament for its “hypocrisy, double standards and audacity” in questioning the investigations into the Ameri deal.

On Monday, the police stormed the residence of former Minister of Power Dr Kwabena Donkor to search for documents in relation to the $510 million deal.

The Minority was not happy with the police action and vowed to resist any attempt to intimidate its members. On Wednesday, Mr Amidu, a founder member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), stated that the Minority wants to “unlawfully” and “unconstitutionally” impede the police in the performance of their duties “simply because their colleague, Hon. Dr. Kwabena Donkor, is now under suspicion of crime in relation to the stinking AMERI contracts”.

He expressed this in a statement posted on his personal website. He said he also “smelt a rat in the AMERI contracts” and an investigation is in order. “I have myself questioned the fairness of this transaction which has been published in the media,” he wrote.

“But I have no reason to believe that Hon. Dr. Donkor personally committed any crime in relation to the contract.

“The AMERI affair is to me not about Hon. Dr. Donkor whom I have known closely for years. It is about the conduct and integrity of the John Dramani Mahama Government particularly when he has just been reported to have visited Namibia in circumstances that breed suspicion that he is fronting for the same company, its associates and/or its affiliates for profit, even in retirement, contrary to the 1992 Constitution.”

He said as a staunch NDC member, he expects the Minority to exhibit the highest sense of integrity and honour “in all our dealings with Ghanaians while we execute our new functions as a loyal opposition to the people of Ghana”.

He said the Minority should not hide behind contempt of Parliament to intimidate the police from investigating bad deals.

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