Arrest Otabil – Kumchaha charges.

Controversial pastor and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministry International, Nicholas Osei was popularly known as ‘Kumchacha‘ has charged the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) to arrest Pastor Mensa Otabil, Founder and Leader of the International Central Gospel Church for what he describes as fraudulent prayers for fees schemes.

The ICGC recently held its annual “Greater Works” conference during which participants were urged to offer various sums of money for special prayers.

But adding his voice to the ensuing debate over the propriety and genuineness of fee-paying requests for special blessings on Kasapa FM, Kumchacha says the entire programme was a business venture and that Pastor Otabil and other pastors who participated in the event, notably Mathew Ashimolowo, committed fraud hence must be arrested.

He said Pastor Mensa Otabil had previously criticized some men of God who had asked people to purchase anointing oil and therefore finds it hypocritical for the same pastor to be involved in a venture that asks people to pay specific amounts for specific blessings.

The notice requesting for the categorised sums and accompanying ‘blessings’ attracted a severe backlash from social media users who criticised the organisers for selling salvation to the higher bidder

But in apparent response to the accusations, Pastor Mensa Otabil admonished Christians not to apply logic to matters of faith during one of his sermons at ICGC’s Christ Temple in Accra.

“Belief gooes beyond logic. Logic will tell you what is probable all things being equal. Logic will tell you that if you have a thousand cedis in your account, then you can spend thousand cedis because that is logical. Belief will tell you that if you have five loaves of bread you don’t feed five people.

“Belief will tell you that if you have five loaves of bread you can feed five thousand; that is not logical. Now, many times if we say we believe, we believe according to logic, so even what you believe for is a just progression of logic,” he explained.

“I want you to stretch your faith and you are going to believe according to what is written and what I want you to believe is, He says all things are possible, I don’t know what that is to you but it is a blank cheque” he added.

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