Arrest Self-Acclaimed Spiritualist And Close Down Accomplice Media Houses

Following the killing of a10-year old boy, Ishmael Mensah by two teenage boys at Kasoa in the Central Region about a fortnight ago for rituals for money, concerned individuals have come out to condemned the heinous acts which is as a result of the desire for riches, a practice common, especially in the Central Region.

Since the incident occurred, many well-meaning members of the Ghanaian public have blamed it on self-acclaimed ritualist who come on air, particularly the television stations to proclaim they have the power to make people rich instantly.

These self-acclaimed ritualist are common on the television on daily basis, including the ones that even belong to churches and so-called men of God. The latest development has raised serious concern among a cross section of the public, with majority of them calling for the arrest of any such self-acclaimed ritualist who come on air.

However, the Swedru Area Head of the Musama Disco Christo Church, Rev. Ken Arthur has called for not only the arrest of these ritualist, but also the closure of every media house that will give these ritualist the platform to propagate their self-acclaimed spiritual powers.

He has therefore advised the electronic media, both radio and television to censor every program and advert contents, before airing them.

He stressed that instead of being a medium of information, education and entertainment, the media has now rather become a channel of misinformation where all manner of deceit are propagated, blaming it on profit making without considering the ethics of the journalism profession.

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