Ashalley Botwe District, PCG, Dine and Wine with Inmates to mark Christ Resurrection.

The Leadership of Ashalley Botwe District Presbyterian Church of Ghana(PCG) led by Rev. Samuel Klu Nortey has embarked on an Easter tour to celebrate Emmaus day with our uniform men and inmates in the district.

In an interview with Rev Samuel Nii Klu Nortey (Ashalley Botwe District Minister and Minister in charge of Ebenezer Congregation said, the visit formed part of the Church Easter activities to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“It’s as part of our Easter celebration activities to show love and dine with the inmates and also to encourage them to have faith in God. We have prayed for them as well and we hope they will come out someday to celebrate Easter with us”.

The first point of contact was Lakeside Estate Community 4 Police Station followed by Lakeside Estate Com 8 Police Station then to Nmai Dzorn Police Station where cooked meal, drinks and water were presented to the inmates.

Rev Jonas Aburam Agyakwa, Minister in charge of Jordan Congregation indicated that the visit by the congregants is part of the activities to mark the Easter celebrations.

“May the peace of the Lord be upon you all. The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Ashalley Botwe district as part of the death of our Lord and Saviour died for our sins and rose from death again so we are here this afternoon to celebrate Easter and also share the gospel with you. Easter is all about the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, so we are here to show that love with both the inmates and police personnel here”.

” We are here to pray with them, share words the gospel. So that the inmates will be comfortable and also believe”.

He furthermore stated that donations are part of the church’s activities and every Christian to help the needy and those in trouble.

“Jesus Christ said in the Holy Bible that when I was in prison none of you visited me. None of you gave me food when I was hungry. No one served me water when I was thirsty so we the Presbyterian Church wants to set the pace and do for the inmates because as we do for them we are also doing for Jesus Christ”.

Detective Inspector Doris Katawani in charge of Nmai-Dzorn Police Station in her acceptance speech lauded Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Ashalley Botwe District for their kind gesture, saying it was less expected.

In attendance are Rev Samuel Nii Klu Nortey (Dist Minister and Minister in charge of Ebenezer Congregation), Rev Micheal Sowah Nartey ( MIC El-Shaddai), Rev. Chief Supt. John Opoku (MIC Praise), Rev Aburam Agyakwa (MIC JORDAN), Rev. Akosua Noatemaa Otoo (MIC Unity), Rev. Theophilus Opoku (2nd Minister Ebenezer), Mr Samuel T Narh (Ashalley Botwe District Clerk), Mrs Esther Osei-Yeboah (Dis Lay Rep to Presbytery), Mr Victor Owusu (Dis ESR Convener).

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