*Bibianihene celebrates Awukukudee in a grand style*

The Chief of Bibiani, in the Bibiani Anhwiaso-Bekwia Municipal of the Western north region, *Nana Ngoah Anyimah Kodom II,* has observed the AWUKUDEE in a glamorous moment.

The event greeted Nananom, Chiefs and elders from inside and outside Bibiani, family representatives and members of the community.

Nana Ngoah Anyimah Kodom II repeated his pledge to ensure the youth of Bibiani get jobs opportunities in order to inhibit the expeditious surge of unemployment costs in the society.

“I will ensure the youth get their reasonable share of the mines. One of the notable root of insecurities is deflation and perhaps I will make the mining authorities offer a plausible allotment for the youth to get enrolled. I will not oblige them to auction the vacancies to foreigners,” he expressed.

He reemphasized that it’s been a while of observing such a colorful event in the community, whilst stressing on the purpose of the Awukudee as to purify the gods and sanctify the community.

“The community has suffered a lot of bad omen over some past period. This is the time to remember the gods as well as the inhabitants. Awukudee is commonly observed to placate the divinities and beg for God’s consents to the people,” he included.

The dynamic Chief trumpeted on the essence of education to the entire community whilst urging the youth to take their education seriously to avert been left out in case of any opportunity for enlistment.

“We cannot forget to talk of education, which is the paramount and code to success. I will argue with the youth to take their education seriously to avoid been excluded when opportunity ensues.”

Furtherance of the story, the traditional authority stated‘‘ Teenage pregnancy is a stricture. In order to avoid such norms, there is the need to take our culture seriously. Parents must go backward and take our culture.

“Today parents have ceased performing puberty rites. Simply because of theology and assuming it’s no more relevant to our societies, but it’s a fine falsehood. I will ensure we bring back our custom. I am advising parents to notice the performance puberty sacraments is not just for fun, so they should go back for it,” he acknowledged.

Story By: Nana Nyarko

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