Bolga school cries for furniture as pupils study on floor

Pupils of Kalbeo-Tindongsobligo primary school in the Bolgatanga municipality in the Upper East Region sit on the bare floor for studies.

The six-unit classroom block in the school does not have furniture for effective teaching and learning.

Pupils of the school which has an enrolment of over 400 pupils from kindergarten to primary four sit on the bare floor for their lessons.

Even though primary five and six have furniture, that is woefully inadequate compelling some pupils to sit on the floor for studies.

The headteacher of the school, Felicia Ayamga declined speaking to Citi News about the impact of the situation on academic work in line with GES policy.

Pupils were also prevented from speaking to Citi News.

But this reporter observed the pupils struggling to put their books on their laps to copy notes from the chalkboard.

The pupils have to wash their uniforms on a daily basis as their uniforms get dirty from sitting on a bare floor.

The headteacher of the school Felicia Ayamga, however, appealed to philanthropist, NGOs and government for pieces of furniture for the pupils.

She added that, though the Member of Parliament for Bolga central Isaac Adongo is working at getting the school some 80 pieces of dual desk, it will not be enough for the hundreds of pupils.


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