Breaking News: Police Pulls Gun At Journalis Over Unlawful Demolition At Tse-Addo

An officer at the CID operations unit of the Property Frauds Unit of the Ghana Police Service, Corporal Bright Dapaah has threatened to shoot a Journalist, Henry Ayi-Addo, who also doubles as the Spokesperson for the Atta Tawiah Tsinaatse family of La.

Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah
Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah

The officer was said to have pulled up an AK 47 Assault Riffle from his parked Toyota hilux pick up and , pointed it at the journalist and warned him to stay away from him or he would shoot him.

Corporal Dapaah according to eye witnesses nearly shoot the journalist when the journalist confronted him as he demolished some properties on the Atta Tawiah Tsinaatse family land at Tse-Addo.

DSP Bright Dapaah
DSP Bright Dapaah

According to the information, at about 7pm,of the 21st of February 2019, the police officer Corporal Bright Dapaah stormed the land and begun breaking walls that have been constructed by some residents and land owners.

Henry Addo, Spokesperson for the Atta Tawiah Tsinaatse family who said he was aware the Corporal, Bright Dapaah was carrying out the Demolition without any Court order, confronted him to produce documents from the Court warranting such action only for the police officer to pull an AK 47 Assault riffle at him.

Corporal Bright Dapaah is alleged to have been leading a gang of policemen to the land with guns harassing people and shooting indiscriminately.

It has been claimed that Corporal Bright Dapaah and his group have been contracted by a businessman, Adolf Adjei who is also laying claims to some portions of the family land.

The businessman Adolf Tetteh Adjei, came to the land site at Tse-Addo in La with corporal Bright Dapaah accompanied by another renowned journalist Justice Annan and was ordered by the businessman Adolf to pull down a fenced wall constructed by Alhaji Moro a businessman in Accra.

Meanwhile reliable sources close to the CID headquarters of the Ghana Police Service in intelligence gathering by the journalist Henry Addo has revealed that an amount of 10,000 Ghana Cedis has been given to Corporal Bright Dapaah to purchase a pistol for his personal use to enable him frequent the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse Land site at Tse-Addo.

They are also to plant one of the pistols at the site as a sign of unlawful possession of an unlicensed weapon against the caretakers of the land for the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse Family and their Attorney Nii Ayi Awala.

Intelligence further revealed that the immediate Boss of corporal Bright Dapaah , DSP Atuluk Karim Anang is part of all these calculated act to frame up the planned ordeal to enable him clamp down on the said Attorney of the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse, Nii Ayi Awala.

More to come as the Adansei investigation team will be bringing you more on the actions of Corporal Bright Dapaah and the purchase of the two pistol.

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