Businessman To Sue LA Nkwantanang Assembly Over Illegal Demolition Of Billboards

Management of Happy Royal International School has threatened to drag the LA Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly to Court for unlawfully pulling down the school’s billboard; a situation it said, has affected business.
Addressing a Press conference, the CEO of the school, Happy Agbenyenu said the school has all permits to erect its billboard at its position and could not understand why the Assembly will take such a decision without first contacting management.
He said he was reliably informed and it was admitted by one Prince Kofi Gyemfi, a staff of the Ghana Tourist Board, that he ((Prince) had called Assembly officials to carry out the demolition because he wanted to clear the frontage of his shops.
Happy Agbenyenu said, the current state of things has affected business and brought enrolment down since the billboard that gives directions to the school and serves as advertisement for them has been removed.
He also revealed that when he contacted one Ababio, an official of the Assembly over the matter, he denied knowledge of the incidence but later revealed to him that, the order to pull down the billboard came from the Regional Minister.
“I don’t believe that the Regional Minister was the one who gave that order. When you look at the information received from the Police and a statement from a suspect who was arrested in connection of the damage to our Billboard, it tells you clearly that, the action was carried out by the Assembly officials who might have received Monet from Prince to do so,” he said.
According to him, since he has all the permits, and had paid all fees to that effect, he is preparing to sue the Assembly if nothing is done to save the situation.
Happy Agbenyenu said he will also press charges against Ababio from the LA Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly for unlawful damage to his property.
He however said he suspects political machinations since many at times, people brand him an NDC man hence all efforts to frustrate his business have been launched against him.
He suspected that Prince Gyemfi who had caused the demolishing of the billboards has no permit to put up his shops, and that even if he has, he might have acquired the permit through the backdoor since no Assembly official or MCE will approve a permit for the construction of a building close to a High Tension.
He said Prince Gyemfi, who is parading himself as an Akufo-Addo boy has become a thorn in the flesh of several business owners.
Happy Gyemfi has appealed to the necessary authorities to step in ad ensure sanity in Oyarifa.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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