CampPink Ends Successfully

The maiden camp organised by Pinktales for teen girls in Saint Brother Andre Senior high School ends successfully on 9th May 2020.

This years theme: “She has a voice empower her,” was coined by the teens as they prepare for the camp meeting.

The founder and president of Pinktales, Frances Magarrita Edoh stated that girls for that matter ladies have been left on the fringes of society for so long hence time to empower young girls who will grow into adulthood is now.

The program saw 12 young ladies plus 3 young boys all in their teens go through rigorous training for a week under the direction of their life patron Rev. Bro David Kpobi CSC who doubles as their adviser.

The week long program saw them learn more about the community in which they live in.
Participants were divided into groups of three to visit three different communities where they interacted with young girls.

These communities include Liberia camp community, Apra community and Opeikuma community respectively.

Activities during the camp was tailored along the development and empowerment of the female child.

Soap making was taught after they were taken through entrepreneurship seminar by Doctor Michael Wombeogo of KAAF University and Auntie Edna a teacher of home science.

Other facilitators such as Madam Augustina Kuti, an Educationist and Mrs. Corazon Aquino a physician Assistant groomed these young ladies on empowerment with practical life experiences.

On his part Actor Adjetey Annang shared with the group how not to rush into adulthood but live a life that will be more fulfilling.

He advised them not to follow the crowd but be unique in their own way.

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