Catch Zeenat Zita On ‘The GIST’ Show On Radio Universe

A Ghanaian entrepreneur who loves marketing and passionate about technology, and the CEO of Tech Konsult, Zeenat Zita Dibkuu Yirenkyi, has kick started a New Radio and Television Show dubbed “THE GIST.”

The Show, The Zeenat Zita Show “THE GIST” which is shown on Radio Universe each and every Sunday from 5 – 6pm, addresses thought provoking topics on social issues, economic issues and swing politics.

Speaking to her, she noted that she started the talk show because she trusts its key to start having some very thought-provoking discussions among ourselves to help push us forward.
“A lot happens that people aren’t aware off; people are in situations they don’t know the way out of and also to have very serious conversations. Initially, I was reluctant because I felt a number of people were addressing some of the issues quite well but I also realized there is so much I would have added if I was the host and more importantly the more voices that speak up the better so I decided to join and help speak up through my talk show.”

Speaking on her passion for radio and what certainly gives her the bliss especially with communication to those who only hear her voice and tend to fall in love with her show, Zita Zeenat said “It actually started out as an admiration I had for a female radio person; I requested to join the team but didn’t get a response. It happened that within that window a friend expressed his interest in owning a radio station so I said why not, let’s do it.”
She revealed however that, they had a partnership to make it a reality, “got the same person my admirer used to also setup up our radio station and out of that ‘Digi Radio’ was created under the flagship of Timeline Multimedia. I host my radio show called ‘VIM TIME’ on Fridays 1:00pm to 3:00pm. We talk on very daring topics so our listeners appreciate every bit. We give slots for people/students to train and practice with us and we are opened to adverts and strategic partnerships.”

She said THE GIST show is the place to be every Sunday from 5 to 6pm.

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