Chief disassociates himself from Dompreh’s unopposed endorsement

In a recent press release, Barimah Toa Akwetia III, Chief of Anhuntem Darmang, addressed speculations surrounding political endorsements within the Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency.

The Chief categorically stated that neither he nor the community elders have sanctioned support for any specific candidate in the upcoming parliamentary primaries. The current Member of Parliament, Frank Annoh Dompreh, seeking to contest unopposed in the NPP primaries, was specifically mentioned in the release.

The press release emphasized the commitment of the chieftaincy institution to abide by the constitution of Ghana, which prohibits Chiefs from engaging in political activities. Barimah Toa Akwetia III asserted the community’s dedication to being law-abiding citizens and leaders.

Expressing neutrality in the political landscape, the Chief conveyed that their prayers are with all contestants, including Frank Annoh Dompreh. The release assured that the eventual winner would receive the community’s unwavering support. It also served as a reminder of the chieftaincy institution’s stance on political involvement.

Barimah Toa Akwetia III took the opportunity to caution politicians, including Frank Annoh Dompreh, against using the names of the Chiefs and the Damang community in making declarations of support. The press release, signed by Baffour Adjei Kwaku Bonsu I, Mawerehene of Anhuntem Darmang, highlighted the Chief’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the community and its leaders.

Below is the full press release:

Press release

The Chief of Anhuntem Darmang has not declared support for any candidate

The attention of Barimah Toa Akwetia III, Chief of Anhuntem Darmang, has been brought to a purported news publication suggesting that he and other Chiefs in the Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency support Frank Annoh Dompreh’s bid to contest unopposed in the upcoming parliamentary primaries of the NPP.

He wishes to state that he and the elders of the community have not authorized anyone to support the political agenda of any individual in the constituency. The chieftaincy institution, by the constitution of Ghana, mandates that Chiefs are not supposed to be engaged in politics. As law-abiding citizens and leaders of the community, they will not go contrary to the laws of the land.

Their prayers are with all contestants, including Frank Annoh Dompreh, and whoever becomes victorious will have their utmost support.

He advises politicians, including Frank Annoh Dompreh, to desist from using their names and that of the community of Damang in declaring whatever support.


Baffour Adjei Kwaku Bonsu I
Mawerehene of Anhuntem Darmang
020 822 0914

For and on behalf of Barimah Toa Akwetia III

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