Chief Naa Tia Condemns Sporadic Shootings, Killing In The North

Chief Naa Tia

A renowned spiritual leader and opinion leader in Tamale of the Northern Region, Chief Naa Tia has condemned the killing of four persons at Brukpungu Najong number 1 over the weekend and pointed out that the development can spark further tension in the Region.

Chief Naa Tia
Chief Naa Tia

Chief Naa Tia also consoled families of the dead and urged the police to fast-track their investigations and bring the perpetrators to book.

Speaking in a telephone conversation with this journalist, Chief Naa Tia described the killing as barbaric, and insisted that the perpetrators must not go unpunished.

He also said the act is a crime against humanity and the will of God hence must be condemned in all certainty.

He said: “This heinous crime, wicked and barbaric act that took place on Sunday at Najong number 1 must not be allowed to happen again. We must see the need for peace. Peace brings development and progress and the more we engage in these acts we are retarding our own progress.”

He also pleaded with residents of the Bunkprugu/Yunyoo district to develop their peaceful coexistence and remain calm and wait on the police to conclude their investigations and bring the perpetrators to book.

“I want to call on all residents in Bunkprugu and Yunyoo constituencies to remain calm and give peace a chance. This is the time that we have to stand together to ensure that these calous beings are apprehended so that we can all see peace,” he said.

Last Sunday, six persons died whilst 11 got wounded following sporadic gunshots at Najong number 1, a community in the Bunkprugu/Yunyoo district of the Northern Region.

Some residents, particularly women and children have fled the area whilst the cause of the gunshots is yet to be established though tension has heightened.

A similar situation occurred on November 17, 2017 over the siting of the capital of the yet to be created Yunyoo district when on Friday December 8, 2017 six suspected arms smugglers including a woman were arrested for attempting to smuggle six pump action guns and 130 cartridges into Yunyoo.

The suspects are in police custody for further investigations.

Disagreements over the location of the capital of the yet to be created Yunyoo district is causing fear and panic around the Bunkprugu enclave.

Some are proposing Namong to be the capital whilst others are pushing for Bunkprugu.

However, Chief Naa Tia believes that irrespective of where the District Capital is sited, the primary objective is to see and bring development to the area.

He also urged the police and security agencies to beef up security and their presence in the communities and called on residents to volunteer information to the police regarding people in possession of arms and ammunitions.

He said: “We cannot continue to fight and kill each other over District Capital. What we need is development and wherever the District Capital goes, I believe we will achieve something.”

Meanwhile, the Northern Regional Police Commander has revealed a sharp rise in the proliferation of unlicensed weapons in the area.

DCOP Adusei Sarpong’s revelation followed the killing of four persons by unknown assailants.

Addressing the media in Tamale, he indicated that “Police is aware that there are a number of unregistered weapons in the system, and day in day out people try to bring in more.”

He however allayed the fears of the public, saying, “Our intensification of searches at the various check points has served as disincentive for criminals, but there are people who are daring and would like to do everything possible to outwit the police. Be assured that the police will do our possible best to make the region safer for law abiding citizens.”

DCOP Adusei Sarpong recalled and confirmed the arrest of some six suspected arms smugglers by the Gambaga divisional command to buttress his point of proliferation of unlicensed weapons in the region.


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