Chief Naa Tia Pays Homage To Late Gushegu King Amid Display Of Hidden Culture

Chief Naa Tia Salifu, one of Ghana’s finest Spiritualist and philanthropist has paid his last respect to the late, former Paramount Chief Gushegu Naa Gusheno Baawa.
He also made a handsome donation to the family of late King, Naa Gusheno Baawa who served as the Inspector General of Police (IGP) during former President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s regime.
Chief Naa Tia who was at the funeral ceremony of the late Naa Baawa, displayed irresistible culture, amidst sharing of gifts to the attendants.
Chief Naa Tia who is noted for his powers entreated the Gathering to live in peace and harmony with one another.
He said the late Naa Baawa left a peaceful legacy which everybody must uphold and protect.
He described Naa Baawa as a man of peace, love and integrity who had always taught his people to live in peace.
According to Chief Naa Tia, the funeral of the late chief should rekindle the spirit of togetherness among people of the North.
He also averred that the circumblation of the house of the late Naa Baawa is tradition which is handed down from generations and expressed satisfaction that such traditional rite is not lost.
The handsome Chief during his arrival at the funeral was spotted in traditional war regalia, cordoned with spiritual charms that saw his spiritual prawns invoke a pigeon spirit to his shoulder.
Most of the congregation directed their sight to him even in the presence of higher powered delegations who were at the event.
Apart from donating handsomely to the elders of the family of the late king, Chief Naa Tia personally attended with huge entourage amidst a display of lost custom and tradition which were sighted for a very long time.
His spiritual pigeon that appeared on ceremonial functions caught the attention of the masses as it was seen with concentration on his defensive duty as the last commander to the young chief.


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