A Ghanaian resident in the New York, USA, Louisa Nana Akua Bema Boakye, has said, a good leader and ruler they say is the one who galvanizes his people and resources to focus on rural development that will transform village life into city life without losing their culture value.
She described a good leader  as the one  who mobilizes the resources in his jurisdiction to help sharp the future of his chiefdom and kingdom and also for his generation yet unborn.
‘’A good leader recognizes the diversity in his community and unites them for economic and social development and also integrates his community by drawing strength from their distinctive identities towards national unity’’-Nana Akua Bema Boakye.
‘’ A good chief teaches his people’’ Selflessly and Country First’’ and also to have a common appreciation of their history and heritage by setting good examples for his people to follow.
But now what do we see today, she asked? She said most chiefs in Ghana today ascend their thrones only to abuse wealth and sell stool lands with impunity and void of conscience just to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor. Some of our chiefs today are very selfish and greedy that they sell stool lands that they hold in trust of the people only to enrich themselves and their family without thinking about the very people they are ruling over.
Louisa Nana Akua Bema Boakye emphasized that some of our chiefs are doing their best by using the resources in their community to develop their area and those chiefs’ needs to be commended. But those selfish ones abusing the resources in their community to enrich themselves must learn from the few good ones using the resources available to them to develop their respective communities.
According to her, chiefs must manage community resources very well instead of looking up to government to come and do everything for them when they could easily locate chunk of the resources in the sales of lands and other forms to amass development. God help those who help themselves so chiefs must start building their communities before government comes in to support.
‘’our chiefs must think about ways and means to develop their communities and villages with the little resources available to them,”She made an appeal.
Story by Martin Osei Tutu

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