Christmas celebration is demonic…… Apostle Kadmiel Agbalenyoh

he Head of Church of Theocracy in Ghana, Apostle Kadmiel E.H. Agbalenyoh, has condemned the celebration of Christmas and frayed Christians who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25 declaring that Christmas celebration is not written in the Bible.

He hinted that from the biblical historical record, Jesus was not born on December 25 stressing further that his birth season might likely fall within the period of April and May.

Addressing the Media about Christmas Celebration in Accra, He made known that Jesus Birthday is not known and recorded in the Bible, he has therefore mandated his followers to stay off from Christmas celebration by Christians.

Apostle Kadmiel E.H. Agbalenyoh, the Leader of the Church of Theocracy in Ghana has reframed his members from joining Christmas celebration and advised believers of Jesus, the son of God to stop celebrating Christmas as it is a Pagan holiday. Said God never commanded us to celebrate his son’s birthday.

Christmas is celebrated all over the World by Christians to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Churches back in the fourth-century chose December 25 to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who was born to virgin Mary.

December 25 is so popular across the World because it also coincides with most national holidays. Hence, as Christians are celebrating the birth of their saviour, other worshippers would be celebrating their holidays. But Apostle Kadmiel , who is based in Ghana has insisted that God never commanded his followers to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

He added that “It does not matter that Christmas was chosen by the Church father’s of the Catholic Church, in conjunction with the Roman Emperor Constantine to replace the pagan holiday that celebrated the birth of the sun god, Mithra which took place on December 25.

“What matters is that we were never COMMANDED by God to celebrate Christmas, and just as God called the day of the ‘Feast to the LORD’ a ‘CORRUPTION’, so does He call Christmas, because it originated from man, not God”.

“Do not forget that Aaron was the High Priest ordained by God, yet when he declared a feast that God did not ask him to declare, that feast was called a ‘CORRUPTION’. It is not man that will tell God how we want to worship Him. It is God that will tell us how He wants us to worship Him.”


Report by Benard K Dadzie

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