Apostle Dr. Okofo Fire

The founder of the Great Fire Tabernacle Church in Agona Sweden, Apostle Dr. Okofo Fire has condemned the celebration of Christmas by Christians, saying it is paganism and has no basis in the Bible.

According to him, the period is a time of worshipping idol gods by the early Roman’s but was corrupted and forced on Christians by the then Emperor, Constantine, as a time of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Dr. Okofo Fire questioned why many souls perish during the period of celebrating the events, saying that it is a period of pacifying the gods, as it was done in the early days. He again contended that Jesus Christ was not born on 25th December which is not even the last month of the year, according to Jewish calendar, and as such there is no point celebrating His birth on Christmas.


By: Robert Ayanful

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