Churches should obey Tradition rites…..

The people of Akyem Manso which has the traditional name as Atweaman in the Asene Manso Akroso District in the Eastern Region have celebrated their Atweaman Odwira festival in a grand style.

The chief of Akyem Atweaman Obrempong Sintim Poku III, in his address urged the people in Akyem Manso to give maximum respect to the traditional rites that are performed prior to the Odwira festival.

According to the chief before the celebration of Odwira there are some rituals they perform before the festival will take place especially banning of noise making and other rites.

Obrempong intimated that some churches and individuals do not acknowledge and respect the rites they perform during the festival season. He said they do all those things to remember “Nananom” who fought for them to be independent.

“The churches think the Chiefs worship idols so they are evil people but most of the time it is rather the church that do evil things not the chiefs” he said. Obrempong Sintim Poku, pleaded with them to respect the traditional authorities when they are performing any rites in the town.

Obrempong Sintim Poku said most of the time when the same people visit other places and there’s ban on noise making they obey but when they come to Akyem Manso they don’t want to obey so he advised them to respect their culture and traditions of Akim Manso as well.

Obrempong Sintim Poku III took advantage of the festival to advise the youth especially the Okada riders to be very careful when they are riding their motor bikes because everyone has only one life.

Hon. George Kwame Aboagye, MP for Asene Akroso Manso constituency said, people have being saying NPP is not doing anything in the constituency but that is false, NPP is doing a lot of projects in the constituency.

He said government will complete all the projects they have started in the constituency before election 2024.

The MP said out of 33 districts in the Eastern Region, Asene Manso Akroso constituency Basic Schools placed 29th position in the 2021 BECE exams so he promise to motivate the teachers and the students as well so that they can perform well.

He urged the students to take their lesson very serious so that they can pass their BECE exams.

He said the candidate who will be the overall best student will be awarded with GH5,000.00 scholarship to further their education in the SHS.

He promised to reward best teachers very soon.

The Eastern Regional NPP Chairman, Mr. Jeff Konadu, congratulated the people of Akyem Manso for organizing the Odwira festival.
According to him NPP always support programs that brings the people together so he encouraged them to always come together so that they can develop the area.

The regional chairman said he is aware of some of the ongoing projects in the constituency and he has discussed it with the MP and the Eastern Regional Minister for it to be completed.

He said they know the contributions of the people in the Asene Manso Akroso constituency so he assured them that the NPP government will complete every project they have started before 2024 ends.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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