Commey ready to offer Nelson rematch in UK

… Nelson blames broken air conditioners for losing
Isaac Commey has expressed his preparedness to give Theophilus Nelson a rematch in the United Kingdom if he wants to fight him again.

Speaking to Yours Truly after he had finished the fight with a knock out like he said, Commey noted that he had intentionally been on the quite just to explode at the right time.
He said many people thought he would lose, but only he and his camp knew what they were coming to do.

“I wanted to entertain the crowd, so that they would love the sport, but Nelson was rushing to put me down, but I fight that type at the beach always, we call it Abotre and that made me give him a few doses of punches in round one. I knew round two was going to be his last. Next time he should not brag when he does not know his opponent well. Watching my video is nothing because I always change my style” said Commey.

He said now that Ghanaians has seen him, he wants to challenge all the MMA titleholders, including Connor McGregor, who fought with Floyd Mayweather.

Commey who has boosted his fight record to 10 fights, 10 wins all by knock out hinted that he is never in a rush for fame or fortune, however, he knows God has blessed him.

He thanked his mother, Rose and his managers and trainers for helping him to scale the hurdle if T. J. Nelson.

He praised Yours Truly for the little investment made and hoped that God will cause a miracle.

Commey wished Nelson speedy recovery as the challenger was reported to be on drip at the Ridge Hospital.

Nelson reacted that “My oxygen levels dropped to below average. Heat exhaustion and not being able to breathe properly after that first round in that arena with broken airconditioning is the reason I lost that fight. And my coaches stopped the fight not the referee”
Meanwhile, Jeff Taylor, the promoter and president of Ghana Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GMMAF) assured that T.J. Nelson was responding to treatment.

Local manager of Nelson, Theophilus Bruce Catline said he never expected Commey to fight like he did and called for more support for MMA. He said though his nephew lost, the fight was interesting and full of action.

He hinted that they will think of a rematch or bring on another crack challenger for Commey.

Story by Sammy Heywood Okine

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