Court Grants Injunction Against Rev. Selina Over Disputed Land At Kwabenya

A High Court of justice at Amasaman presided over by His Lordship Justice Emmanuel Plange Brew last Friday granted injunction in favor of Fodas Estates Ltd (FEL) in a matter of land litigation brought against Faith International Chapel (FIC) headed by lady Pastor Selina Baidoo.

In the Statement of Claim by Fodas Estate Limited (FEL), it had indicated that it had vested interest in a land mass of 3.73 acres situated at East Kwabenya in Accra of which the Defendant (FIC) had expressed interest of purchase.

It said, following oral discussions, plaintiff agreed to transfer its interest to the Defendant at an agreed sum of USD200,000 or it’s Cedi equivalent of which the entire sum was to be retired or liquidated in six months from January 2018 and upon full payment the Plaintiff shall  execute formal documents of title in favor of the Defendant.

The Plaintiff stated that upon finalizing the agreement, the Defendant made initial payment of USD10,000 and told him that she was going to sell her landed property elsewhere to come and offset the balance but he later gathered that she had sold her land and yet refused to pay him.

However, while the Defendant breached the agreed payment terms which was attracting 15% in default already, the Defendant vigorously commenced construction of a massive Temple on the land without the consent or authority of Plaintiff.

According to the Plaintiff, it had mounted several objection to the construction and sent numerous letters to the Defendant to demand outstanding considerations but the Defendant has failed to honor its obligation and hence the need to seek relief from the Court to injunct the Defendant, it’s agents and assigns from all forms of activities on the litigated land until settlement is reached.

Justice Plange Brew of the High Court at Amasaman after considering the evidence before him and listening to lawyers from both sides ruled that based on the pictorial evidence of development on the land at the start of the case and the tremendous development which has taken place as of the time of the last hearing, he ruled that Faith International Chapel is estopped from any further activities on the land until final resolution or determination is made on the case.

In a separate interview with the CEO of Fodas Estate after the court ruling, Mr. Samuel Kojo Agyapong expressed utter surprise at how a Reverend Minister had come to him through another friend of his to beg him for his parcel of land for her church business because she was being ejected from her old place and would later turn around to tell him that She would rather take the path of litigation rather than honoring her obligations to him.

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