Criss Waddle readies ‘Blaq Sam’ for psychiatric treatment

Ghanaian rapper and CEO of AMG record label, Criss Kweku Waddle has taken the first step towards rescuing his ‘brother’ in the arts industry Blaq Sam known for his hit single ‘Esi Ne Vera’ who is now mentally challenged.

Earlier, Criss Waddle in a Snapchat video promised to take the Tema based rapper, Blaq Sam to the Psychiatric hospital because he believes his madness is not “drug related”.

It was reported in 2015, that “issues from his house, peer pressure, and drugs”, allegedly caused his ‘madness’.

Nonetheless, speaking on Kasahari level on Saturday, the ‘Bie Gya’ hit maker revealed he has been in talks with doctors at one of the renowned Psychiatric hospitals to treat the artiste.

But he added that, he had been to the location where he last met Blaq Sam but unfortunately he couldn’t find him.

Criss Waddle has therefore urged every Tom, Dick and Harry to share information on his whereabouts since he really believes the madness can be cured at this early stage.

“I am arranging with one of the psychiatric hospital. Two days ago I went there to look for him but he wasn’t there and he doesn’t have a phone but we are in a hunting mood to get him to the hospital…” he disclosed.

“I felt bad about it. He recognized my car. It means he is not so mad like that. It can happen to anyone. I never think black Sam could go off like that. I think he is frustrated seriously. He mentioned the name of the girl I was with. He could recognise her. I think there is hope…” he added.

Blaq Sam is known for 2009 hit song “Esi Ne Vera” which featured collapsed hip-life group ‘Praye’.

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