Do not let your cell phone imprison you – Palmer Buckle


Most Reverend Charles Gabriel Palmer Buckle, the Accra Metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Church, on Sunday cautioned the youth on the addiction to cell phones, which could distract them from their self-development.

He advised them to be self-disciplined when using those gadgets and endeavour to make positive gains by using them to access useful information, which could enhance their development; be it spiritually or professionally.

He charged the youth to sidestep unworthy materials that would jeopardise their future.

Archbishop Palmer Buckle gave the advice at a Confirmation Service of the St James Catholic Church at Osu in Accra.

“Do not let the cell phone imprison you that is why it is called a cell phone, it puts you into cells, many of you are not aware how much you have become prisoners of this gadget, some of you do not sleep in the night, it is always on and you do not have a good rest,’’ he added.

He said workers were also guilty when it came to using cell phones, adding; “We go to work and we do not work well and then we are fired. Then we say why is the man firing me? And we excite the TUC and the Unions to go on strike when we know we’ve not been sleeping adequately to enable us to perform better.”

Most Rev. Palmer Buckle, therefore, called on parents to monitor and control the use of those gadgets by their children.

Thirty nine members of the St James Catholic Church took the Sacrament of Confirmation administered by Most Rev. Palmer Buckle.

Confirmation is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church and the last of four initiation rites for Catholics.

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle admonished Christians to be prayerful and always find time to read and study the Bible, seek the Holy Spirit through fasting and lead humble and dignified lives worthy of emulation.

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