Driving The Change With Yango

Conventionally, we are so used to seeing men in the driving seats; men as cab drivers, men corporate chauffeurs and even at home when going out, one would usually find the men driving their families.

But now, a few women are breaking the frontiers of normalcy and are daring to change not only popular conventions when it comes to driving, but also proving that when given the opportunity, they are equally capable.

Meet the Addo sisters or the ‘Addo Duo’ as they like to be called; Naa Adoley Addo- Fredericks and Naa Adokaley Addo. They are passionate about their ride-hailing jobs which usually begin at 3:00 pm and end at 12:00 midnight.

Friday in particular is a great day for them because many people go out to have fun on Friday evenings, hence more riders which means more money for them.

Other male drivers have taken notice of these exceptional and hardworking women and have nicknamed them “Mmaa Barima” which is twi for “Women acting like men.”

Quite a while after their foray into the ride-hailing space, the ‘Addo Duo’ have gained a somewhat celebrity status on the streets of Accra with many of their passengers sometimes asking for selfies.

Some of their passengers, out of curiosity, ask about their lives because they are so impressed with the jobs the Addo Sisters have taken on.

“There are some who even enquire about our relationship status,” Adokaley said. In general, their peers are astounded by the jobs the sisters have chosen which they do so well.

On Yango’s role in the plying of this occupation, our dynamic duo said, ‘Yango provides a two-way rating system which ensures the protection of both riders and drivers. This provides us with a level of security knowing that our interests are catered for.”

Naa Adoley Addo-Fredericks and Naa Adokaley Addo together with all women driving on ride-hailing apps are the real MVPs (Most Valuable Personalities) of our evolving world. They are truly driving the change for Yango.


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