ECG transformer destroyed at Akyem Asene.

The ECG transformer at Akyem Asene in the Asene Manso Akroso constituency Eastern Region, has been destroyed, and the copper wires inside have been stolen by some unidentified people.

Residents of Akyem Asene Men p3 Asem claim they noticed the incident and were thinking it was a normal light out.

The damaged transformer is a 100 kVA transformer; its total weight is 790 kg, and it serves the Asene township and its surroundings.


Akyem Oda ECG manager, Engineer Evangelist Maxwell Esell, speaking to, advised the public to take the transformer as their own.

He called on the people to take very good care of the transformer; they shouldn’t think the transformer is only ECG property but rather own it and take very good care of it.

He urged all those staying closer to transformers serving the community to be extra vigilant.

If anyone hears any unusual sound from the transformer, they should check at any time of the day to see what the problem is.

He said if there is an unusual outage, people who live around the transformer should check if the transformer is still in place.

If there is any suspicion of someone around the transformer even working without an ECG vehicle, that person is to be questioned and made to show proof.

He advised the public to raise an alarm for any suspicions.

He said we should protect the transformers for a continuous power supply.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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