EDDT In Multiple Sale Of Land At Tsaado

Some residents of Tsaado-La have accused the East Dadekotopon Development Trust (EDDT) in La, for multiple sale of a piece of land demarcated for road construction to different individuals.

The land sales and transaction of the Tse Ado lands has over the past years suffered the pressure and tension of two or more developers being victims to the sales and acquisitions of a single Property which the new Land law frowns upon.

The law specifically and clearly spells out the act and conducts of some chiefs, land owners and property owners who are into the habit of selling land to two or more people to develop into Property as in the process of acquisitions.

Meanwhile, in an interview with residents who have properties around the area, LA Dadekotopon Development Trust is taking advantage of the undeveloped land to lay claim over the land even though the Municipal Assembly came in to stop their activities.

The action of the Trust, according to residents is blocking access routes into their houses.

Tettey Larbi who spoke to this paper indicated that, the Trust had earlier sold the portion of the road to an individual who, upon knowing the truth about the land withdrew his interest.

Meanwhile, the same portion of the road has been given to a Top Military officer with the view of using him to scare residents and to fight them.

This too, didn’t work as the said officer could not pursue his agenda hence, left the premises the day he visited the area.

It has however emerged that, in order to protect the said land from being ‘stolen’ or developed by people, residents decided to erect a wall and fix a gate so as to ward of interested buyers.

However, the leadership of the La Dadekotopon Development Trust (LDDT) sent men to pull down portion of the wall and removed the gate and took it to their offices.

Residents say, the Trust has been a major problem to them and for that matter are calling on the Ghana Police Service to take action so as to ensure that residents have their peace.

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