Education is our best bet – Akufo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo believes education is the best investment he and his government can give the youth of Ghana.

He said that was part of the reason his government decided to implement the famous Free Senior High School (FSHS) policy.

Speaking at the opening of Forum 2018 of the 13th Duke of Edinburgh International Awards and Head of State Awards Scheme in Accra on Wednesday, President Akufo-Addo stressed: “I’m honoured to be here because I know I’m looking into the eyes of the future; each one of you reminds me of the fact that all of us, leaders and citizenry alike, must work to ensure that knowledge becomes the backbone of the modern economy and prosperity.”

“I continue to be passionate about young people and I believe my government’s commitment to invest in young people through our Free Senior High School policy is not misplaced, as it is the best investment our country can make,” he pointed out.

He expressed optimism that the Forum and the Head of States Awards Scheme had offered the kind of holistic learning needed by the youth to equip them with the necessary skills to take responsibility of their lives, since, according to him, education which is not backed by morality and the focus on the development of personal character, would end up rendering the youth unfit to take their positions in the future.

That, he disclosed, was part of the reasons the Head of State’s Secretariat, which is now under the Office of the President and responsible for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Scheme in Ghana, is working feverishly to map out a plan along three strategic pathways of reach, access and impact to get to a minimum of 500,000 young people within a period of five years to equip them with the requisite skills and prepare them for life.

This, he stressed, “is our modest contribution towards making these Ghanaian youth world-ready, who will help shape the world and help shape our future.”

President Akufo-Addo could not but thank and acknowledge the donations and contributions of the volunteers and donors of the Awards Scheme and Forum 2018, while urging all to help sustain the initiative and help create a generation of skilled, well-rounded youth for Ghana, Africa and the world.

On his part, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, said they were in the country to exchange views, discuss issues on how best to assist the youth to realise their potentials.

He therefore called for effective collaboration between all stakeholders to ensure sustainability of the programme.


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