Ejura Killings: Oscarpak Boss condemn act and call for Peace

Mr Oscar Paul Ankomah, the Chief Executive Officer of Oscarpak Enterprise and the National Chief Patron of National Used Clothing Association of Ghana has denounced and called for peace over the recent killing of citizens at Ejura in the Ashanti Region.

His comments follow the gruesome murder of #fixthecountry Activist Ibrahim Kaaka who was allegedly murdered over his views deemed to be making government unpopular in the area. Two other residents were also shot dead by security officers who had been sent to the community to restore calm.

He said cases should not be politicised but rather allow the laws of the country to work and punished the offenders.

“I want to appeal to the politicians to stay away from this case and give the police service to investigate and bring the perpetrators to face the law. This is a case we should not play politics with it at all. We will all know the issue that brought this problem after the police come out with their report.

He accordingly advised the youth to stay calm for the authorities to investigate and therefore urged President Akufo-Addo led the government to speed up with investigations and bring the soldiers who killed the two guys to book to face the laws of the land.

Oscarpak CEO further urged the youth to continue to follow the peace in Ejura aftermath of the shootings that happen and not to raise tension again because dead is only one.

He, therefore, advised the youth to vigilant and fall dumb ears to politicians when they call on them to demonstrate.

About Killing

At least two persons were dead in a clash between the military and police on one hand and Ejura youth on another.

The clash occurred during a protest over the alleged murder of Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed, a campaigner of #FixTheCountry.

Some protesting youth of Ejura Sekyedumase are reported to have clashed with the military and police on Tuesday morning.

Information On The Deceased and Injured.

One Abdul Nasir Yussif aged 25 was reportedly shot on the left shoulder into the chest. He allegedly had internal bleeding in the chest. He died before arrival at the hospital. One Muntala Mohammed, 26 was shot at the back through to the chest. He had a severe chest injury with internal bleeding. He died 10 minutes after his arrival at the hospital.

Four Injured

The first person reportedly sustained severe injuries on the thigh – the femur bone got completely fractured.

He has multiple deep lacerations on the thigh with bleeding into the thigh muscles, the report says. He has been given blood.

The second person has an injury on the right side abdomen affecting the right hip bone. He has also been given blood. He went into shock. The third person sustained injuries on the thigh. He is stable now.

The fourth person sustained an injury to the right thigh. He is also stable now.

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