The Chief of Gomoa Brofoyedur in the Central Region and Asihene of the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Area, Nana Esuon Abonyi Kwatta IV has blamed the long delay of cases in the law courts to the disempowerment of traditional rulers to mediate cases because of the introduction of a democratic governance system which has deprived traditional authorities of the powers they once wielded.

According to him, this situation has created instances where the courts have become flooded with cases that could have been mediated by traditional authorities in the shortest possible period of time.

Speaking to the media at his palace, Nana Esuon Abonyi Kwata noted that except for cases that border on criminality, cases such as land litigation and chieftaincy disputes, when brought to the law courts should be referred to the traditional authorities for mediation, as they know the history of every land and stool better.

He said when this is done, it will also help save the court the burden of being bombarded with the numerous cases, most of which he said travel for far too long in the law court, some taking decades.

By Robert Ayanful

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