Entertainment News: Zen Garden Hosts Yaa Yaa On Friday

Yaa Yaa, the lady with the golden voice will be at the Zen Garden at Labone on Friday November 16, 2018 to sing and display what she knows best.

The exclusive show is to thrill her fans and inform them on what is going to happen in the future with her new management, Wahala Entertainment.

Yaa Yaa has launched her 8th single titled ‘Wonkoaa’ and it is all over in the media; in both the traditional and social platforms, and she is enjoying the positive publicity.

Yaa Yaa is a well trained actress and musician from the University of Ghana. She also teaches music and has promised something special in her show which is for only 50ghc at the gate.

Backed by the popular experienced rapper, Okyeame Kwame, the song ‘Wonkoaa’ is about love; having time and caring for the loved one is the theme and she focuses on sharing as a sign of true love, unity and peaceful coexistence.

Yaa Yaa is an ordinary musician because of her very special skills in music, as she plays three instruments, the piano, xylophone and guitar.

She however enjoys playing the guitar, and does it so well that any time she uses it on stage, fans go crazy and more would be expected on November 16.

The surprise of the night is Yaa Yaa introducing her brother, Kankam for the first time on the Zen Garden stage.

Yaa Yaa’s new hit was outdoored at the Live Fm studio with thousands of people monitoring and listening.

She is full of confidence that her new team will take her to the dreamland. She has enjoyed some media interviews, and has always excelled.

The Zen Garden will be the hot spot again on November 23 with Bibie Brew, the famous singer and actress of international repute and on November 30 with the special Birthday Bash.

Zen Garden is now a well known entertainment place and celebrity food joint, but it will be only three years on November 30 and the day ought to be celebrated in style.

The programme lineup is coming up and patrons should watch out for surprises.

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