EOCO Chases NAM 1 Houses, Cars After Freezing His Accounts

NAM 1 House and cars

The Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has frozen some bank accounts of Mr Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), the embattled CEO of troubled gold-trading firm Menzgold Ghana Limited.

The accounts, ClassFMonline.com learns, belong to Menzgold and other related businesses of the fugitive CEO who is currently in the custody of the United Arab Emirates, where he had travelled to retrieve some $39 million owed his company for gold sold to an Arabian, but ended up being arrested by Dubaian authorities for allegedly duping the same Middle Easterner of $51 million.

Back home, the Ghanaian authorities have declared NAM1 wanted for defrauding by false pretences and issued a warrant for his arrest as well as of his wife and sister, both directors of Menzgold, which has been unable to pay its several tens of thousands of customers’ extra values and principal capital since August last year after the Securities and Exchange Commission shut down the firm’s gold vault market over regulatory infractions.

A high-powered Ghanaian delegation is en route to Dubai to broker a deal for NAM1’s extradition since the two countries do not have any treaty to that effect.

Apart from the bank accounts, EOCO is also chasing after houses, offices, cars and other property belonging to Menzgold and Nana Appiah Mensah.

EOCO, for instance, is working in collaboration with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to seize numerous cars belonging the NAM1, Mnezgold and related businesses.

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