Akyem Etwereso to see massive development this year… Daasebre Ofosu Kwabi Ayebeahwe.

Odauhene Daasebre Ofosu Kwabi Ayebeahwe has said this year there’s going to be massive developmental projects in Akyem Etwereso.

Daasebre, since being instool as the Chief of Akyem Etwereso, has done a lot of projects in the town.

The chief, giving his New Year message, stated that last year there were a lot of projects executed in Akyem Etwereso.

Some of the projects are the completion of the palace, the police station, which is almost complete, and so on.

He said the first face of the Kwaneakwa Tourist Attraction Center is almost.

This year, they will make sure they complete everything.

Daasebre Ofosu Kwabi Ayebeahwe said this year they are going to work together to make sure they complete the hospital projects, and they are also through with paper work as far as Methodist College of Education work is concerned.


He said the land for the project is ready, and very soon they will be visiting the Methodist Bishop so that they can finalize everything.

He advises the youth to stay away from drugs because they are the future of Etwereso.

He also advises the youth to stay away from teenage pregnancy because the future of Etwereso lies with them.

Now there is no farm land that one can farm on, so he urged the youth to take their education very seriously because that will give them a bright future.This year is an election, so he advises youth not to allow politicians to use them for their dirty work.

The children of the politicians are in school learning while they use those who don’t have anything to do for their dirty political duties, and after that, when you are injured, they leave on your faith.

The Odauhene advise the youth to stay away from trouble this election year.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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