Family Asked To Keep Close Eye On Behaviour Of Members

Families have been advised to always keep close eye on members who develop sudden change in behavior to help avoid the situation where the can commit suicide.

The leader of the Heaven Mission Church at, Prophet Ellis Etruh, the branch minister of Word Life Church at Agona Swedru, Pastor Eric Mabah and the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church at Gomoa Benso Rev. Anim Addae who gave the advice in an exclusive interview with following recent reports of suicide cases in the country, he advised families to always engage such people in a lot of social activities so as to take their mind from any such acts.

They expressed regrets instances where some families leave their member who has developed change in behavior to their fate, saying that under such circumstance, they feel neglected and rejected and commit suicide at the least opportunity. .

They pointed out that the rising incidents of suicide cases in the country in recent times could be traced to neglect by family members of the perpetrator.

They further revealed that every incidents suicide occur under the influence of spiritual forces before they manifest in the physical.

Both members of the Clergy however condemned the situation where psychiatric doctors advise families whose member develop a condition of the state of the mind not to send such person  to prayer camps for healing.

They hinted that about seventy percent of all mental problems are as a result of spiritual attack and therefore cannot be treated with just medication without dealing with the spiritual aspect of it.

They have therefore admonish psychiatric doctors and nurses as well as spiritual churches to see themselves as partners in the delivery of care for people with mental problems, rather than seen themselves as enemies and pointing accusing fingers on each other.

By. Robert Ayanful

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