The Royal Aboradze family of Gomoa Beseadze and Simbrofo in the Central Region have commended the head of the family, Nana Kofi Adam for his leadership qualities that has ensured peace in the Royal family not only in the two towns but in all the seventeen towns under his care as Head of the family.

According to spokesperson of the family, Nana Kofi Adam has also been able to enstool nine Chiefs in the various towns since he was appointed as head of the family sixteen years ago without any dispute, describing it as unprecedented.

These towns include Gomoa Ankamu, Lome, Dahom, Gomoa Ajumako, Oboase Achiase and Akwamu among others. Some of the Chiefs enstooled under the supervision of the family Head are the Chief of Gomoa Beseadze Nana Gyetua V, the Chief of Simbrofo Nana Otubaw Kese X, the Tufuhene of Gomoa Beseadze Nana Abass III, the Kyidomhene of Gomoa Beseadze Nana Ewur I, the Nkosuohene of Gomoa Beseadze Nana Eku Sika I, the Obaatan of Gomoa Beseadze Nana Kweku Esuon VII, the Queen mother of Gomoa Beseadze Nana Afoa II, the Queen mother of Gomoa Simbrofo Nana Ekusika I as well as the Nimfahene of Gomoa Beseadze Nana Osumako Kotoku Atsew I all in the spate of sixteen years, with two more Chiefs to installed in due time.

These are the Adontenhene and Nimfahene for Gomoa Beseadze respectively.

According to the family spokesperson, Nana Kofi Adam’s achievement needs commendation by both the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Council and the Central Regional House of Chiefs as the Gomoa Area is embedded with Chieftaincy disputes and land litigations.

When contacted, the Royal Aboradze family Head Nana Kofi Adam said his peaceful nature is as a result of inspiration he draws from the peaceful reign of the Paramount Chief of the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Area Nana Yamfo Krampah who also doubles as the President of the Central Regional House of Chiefs.

By Robert Ayanful

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