Family Of 17 Charged Over Threat To Kill

The Kwabenya Circuit Court in Accra has granted bail to nine Lebanese family members who are residents in Ghana for threatening to kill their fellow Labenese also residing in Ghana.

The suspects were Khalid Ould Ibrahim, Amina Ould Ibrahim, Ali Ghaza Mohammed Ibrahim, Omar Ali Ghaza Ibrahim and Yousef Ali Ghaza Ibrahim.

The rest were Sulemana Ould Mohammed Ibrahim, Joury Mohammed, Kukia Naji and Ibrahim Khalid Mohammed.

Eight others are at large and they are being pursued by the Interpol.

Those at large are Mohammed Ould Ibrahim, Mahmoud Ould Mohammed, Abdul Kari Ould Mohammed and Yussif Mohammed Omar.

The rest are Mariam Mint Abdul Rahman, Mohammed Nagi Aka Hamo, Hosna Ould Ibrahim and Zarariya Nagi.

The accused were charged with threat of death, conspiracy to commit crime and offensive conduct to the breach of peace.

The counsel for the accused pleaded with the court to grant them bail because the accused have a place of abode and would appear before the court any time it deemed fit.

Presenting the facts, the Prosecutor, DSP Mary E. Ahafianye, told the court that the complainant in the case, Dawood Yousef is a business man who lives at Westland in Accra.

He said the accused; Khalid Ould Ibrahim, Sulleyinam Mahmoud and sixteen others are brothers, and cousins who lives at Tema Community 20, Lashibi.

The Prosecutor said in December 2017, the complainant was in the company of his relative whose daughter had been defiled by one Umar.

“Together, they went to the Madina Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit where the defilement case was reported”, she explained.

DSP Ahafianye added that “subsequent to the police report of the defilement case, Umar and his family members have constantly, out of bitterness and frustrations, threatened to kill the complainant and his family whenever they find them”.

“On the 13/10/18, Khalid Ould Ibrahim, one of the children of Omar, assaulted one of the children of the complainant at the Airport, where all the family rushed to, in order to find out what happened and attempt to resolution, but instead they were all attacked by the family members of Omar, most of whom are accused in the case”, the Prosecutor explained.

She added that “the complainant and his family hurriedly returned home and upon getting home, started receiving phone calls, messages (via whatsapp and other social media) from the accused who started insulting him, threatening to kill the complainant and his family”.

DSP Ahafianye noted that “CTV videos showing the accused shooting in the air to demonstrate their intention to carry out their threats. They also visited the residence of the complainant and shot several times before running away, after the complainant had refused their request to meet them to engage them outside his residence”.

The Police Prosecutor said “the accused returned to the complainant’s house, took pictures of the residence and sent it to the complainant to further demonstrate that they know where the complainant lives and how they would attack him unaware”.

DSP Ahafianye told the court that “on 14th October, 2018, a report was made to the police for investigation. The police visited the accused house twice and messages were left for them to report at the police station but they failed”.

“All efforts made to get the suspects proved futile and accused summons was prepared and endorsed at the circuit court, Kwabenya and same served to the accused persons through accused Khalid Omar to appear before this Honourbale court”.

After the investigation, the accused persons were charged accordingly.

They are therefore to reappear on January 25, 2018.

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